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Invisalign® is a popular brand of clear plastic aligners that were created to help adults correct the alignment of their teeth. Here at Orthodontic Specialists, P.A., our orthodontist, Dr. Joseph Basile, can often help most people achieve the ideal alignment of their teeth with three to four sets of clear plastic aligners.

The Invisalign® process requires you switch to a new set of aligners about every two weeks. Each new set of Invisalign® aligners will gradually stretch the periodontal connective tissues that anchor your teeth, slowly moving them into their proper positions.

Once the alignment of your teeth has been fully corrected, there will still be a minor amount of tension lingering in the periodontal connective tissues. If this is not addressed in some way, it could cause your teeth to relapse towards their old position.

To prevent this from happening, Dr. Joseph Basile might provide you with a clear plastic retainer. This retainer will be made from a soft, clear plastic material that is very similar to your Invisalign® aligners.

You will need to wear your clear aligner for the specific amount of time that your orthodontist instructs. It is also important that you clean and maintain your clear plastic retainer each day, as this will help reduce complications during the retention phase.

You can speak and drink normally while the clear plastic retainer is in your mouth; however, you will need to take it out when you eat. When you aren’t using the clear plastic retainer, you should keep it in the case provided.

If you live in the Lakeville, Minnesota, area, and if you’re interested in using Invisalign® to correct your alignment issues, you should call 952-469-6760 to set up a consultation with the orthodontic specialists at Orthodontic Specialists, P.A..