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Uncorrected alignment issues with your teeth can leave you with an unappealing smile and a mouth at increased risk of dental complications. When improperly aligned teeth meet in your dentition at an unhealthy angle they can suffer from dental attrition and dental fractures. To correct alignment issues and prevent further complications Dr. Joseph Basile can provide you with a set of orthodontic braces.

The style of braces your orthodontist recommends for you will be based on the severity of your alignment issues, as well as your personal preference.

Traditional braces use brackets cemented to the face of your teeth. They are connected by a strong metal wire and often include bands, and spacers.

If you feel uncomfortable with visible braces on your smile, Dr. Joseph Basile can apply a ceramic glaze to many of the components. This is a special porcelain material that can be shaded to match your natural tooth enamel making the braces less noticeable.

Clear plastic braces such as Invisalign® might be appropriate if the teeth in your smile need minor correction. The clear plastic aligners are custom shaped to match your teeth. Every two weeks you will switch to another set of aligners. Each one will be tuned one step closer to your ideal orthodontic alignment.

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