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The braces hardware installed on your teeth by the orthodontists at Orthodontic Specialists, P.A. are intended to help correct the alignment of your teeth. This is done by periodically tightening your braces during your adjustment appointments.
Each of these sessions will minutely stretch the periodontal ligaments that anchor each tooth in its dental socket. This process will eventually bring all of your teeth into their ideal position and orientation. Not only will you enjoy a more appealing smile, but your teeth will also be at reduced risk of suffering from dental attrition, and dental fractures.
Maintaining a healthy mouth throughout the realignment process is especially important. Cavities can cause complications that might delay regularly scheduled adjustments and extend the amount of time needed to correct the alignment of your teeth.
While your daily oral hygiene routine is especially important, you should also make sure to attend your routine dental checkup with Dr. Joseph Basile.
This simple appointment will clean plaque and tartar from your teeth while also monitoring their overall health. If Dr. Joseph Basile finds a trouble spot, he can address it before the problem develops into something more serious.
If you had braces installed at Dr. Joseph Basile’s orthodontic clinic in Lakeville, Minnesota, and you have a question about how to maintain them and preserve your oral health, you can always call 952-469-6760 to schedule an appointment with an orthodontist at Orthodontic Specialists, P.A..