Orthodontic Terms

At Orthodontic Specialist, orthodontic terms used in braces encompass a specialized language that aids in diagnosing, treating, and discussing orthodontic issues. Some standard orthodontic terms include "archwire," which refers to the primary wire that runs through the brackets and guides tooth movement; "brackets," the small attachments bonded to teeth that hold the archwire; "ligatures," tiny rubber bands securing the archwire to the brackets; and "retainer," a device used after treatment to maintain the newly aligned teeth. Other terms involve different types of malocclusions like "overbite," "underbite," and "crossbite," indicating specific bite misalignments. Familiarizing yourself with these terms empowers you to engage effectively with orthodontists, understand your treatment plan, and actively participate in your journey toward a healthier, more beautiful smile. 

Types of Common Orthodontic Terms Used 


Brackets are the small, square-shaped metal or ceramic attachments bonded to the teeth. Wires pass through these brackets and guide the movement of teeth during orthodontic treatment. 


The archwire is a thin, metal wire connecting your teeth brackets. It applies pressure to guide your teeth into their desired positions. 


Ligatures in Lakeville, are small, elastic bands that secure the archwire to the brackets. They come in various colors, giving your braces a personalized touch. 


Elastics are small rubber bands that connect one bracket to another. They help correct bite issues and align the upper and lower teeth properly. 

The Benefits of Understanding Orthodontic Terms Used in Braces 

Effective Communication with Your Orthodontist

Understanding orthodontic terms enables you to communicate more effectively with our orthodontist in Lakeville. You can express your concerns, ask questions, and engage in meaningful discussions about your treatment plan. This open line of communication ensures that you and your orthodontist are on the same page, leading to better treatment outcomes. 

Increased Confidence

When you understand the language of orthodontics, you'll feel more confident throughout your treatment journey. You'll better grasp what to expect at each stage, reducing anxiety and uncertainty. This increased confidence can positively impact your overall experience. 

Better Compliance

Orthodontic treatment often requires patient cooperation, such as wearing elastics or cleaning braces properly. Understanding the terms related to these instructions makes it easier to follow your orthodontist's recommendations, ensuring the success of your treatment. 

Improved Treatment Understanding

When you understand the terminology used in orthodontics, you'll have a clearer understanding of how braces work and the purpose of each component. This knowledge can demystify the treatment process, making it less intimidating. 

Embracing the language of orthodontics is like holding the key to unlocking the doors of a healthier, more beautiful smile. Visit Orthodontic Specialists at 20174 Heritage Dr., Lakeville 55044, or call (952) 469-6760 for the best care. 

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