Reviews are a vital part of any business, and we are pleased to provide a collection of what our patients have said about their experience at Orthodontic Specialists, P.A.. At each of our practice locations, you can find helpful and friendly teams working with Dr. Joseph Basile, the 2017 Best Dentist award winner. Please contact our orthodontic practices in Eagan, Lakeville and Prior Lake, Minnesota, for more information, and to make an appointment with our orthodontist soon!
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“I had a great opportunity to visit my sponsors at Orthodontic Specialists at their Lakeville offices this past Saturday. I met with Neal and my Patient with orthodontist Dr. Basile and they were thrilled to see me in full attire: crown, dress, sash and all! The entire office, of course, was very excited for the cupcakes I brought with me too. To top the visit off, I had my first check-up without braces on. It was so fun to take my pictures without braces and all dressed up. Once again I’d like to thank my sponsor Orthodontic Specialists for allowing me the opportunity to have such an amazing year as an ambassador! And thank you for my smile!”
-2014-2015 Eagan Funfest Ambassador Kari Giles

“Friendly and welcoming environment and people. Staff is flexible.”

“The friendly caring staff.”

“Clear communication about what was done and what to expect next time and when that will be. Easy to fit into our schedule.”

“Friendliness and time spent on each one of us.”

“Friendly staff, rewards for children to encourage good habits.”

“Everyone is friendly; service and explanations are thorough.”

“Kind-friendly. Quick and on time.”

“Staff is nice/friendly. Keep me informed about the treatment process. The environment is kid friendly.”

“Your super friendly receptionist and considerate and caring staff. They are so nice.”

“Always on time and on schedule.”

“Very friendly staff.”

“On time- not a long wait for appointment.”

“I thought that the whole experience was good because the people there are easy to talk to and very nice.” MS

“Great work on my teeth. They came out very straight.” Peter

“Great, friendly, and patient people.” Novia

“The staff is the very best to work with.” Dana

“Great job. They look beautiful!” Kennady

“Thanks for all you have done to make my teeth straight and beautiful! I really appreciate the work you do! THANKS!!” Grace

“Happy with overall treatment.” Paige

“They are wonderful people that are very accommodating.” Luke

“Great service, great employees and they gave me a perfect smile!” Evan

“Love my new teeth. Didn’t hurt at all.” Zachery

“My experience was great. The staff was always wonderful and I’m so happy with how my smile looks.” Ashley

“The welcoming smiles and warm environment made the process easy and now I’m overjoyed with the outcomes. Thank you! Abby

“The staff at Orthodontic Specialists, PA are all very friendly and catered to all my special needs. They are very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I appreciate all their hard work and would recommend them.” Mari

“The treatment was awesome. It was easy to deal with.
All of the adjustments done were quick and everyone
was so pleasant to be around and very nice to me.”

“Friendly service / was always treated nice.” Jon

“I liked how they made sure I wasn’t in any pain ;-)” Laureen

“That was the best money I ever spent.” Laureen’s mom

“My teeth look very good. They are nice and smooth!” Samantha

“Thank you for everything! You guys have done an awesome job! We are very happy with the results! Will definitely refer you to any one looking for orthodontic care.” Rebecca

“Everyone has always been very friendly and accommodating. Great group. Thank you.” Nicholas

“I loved everything they did for me They were really flexible and always made sure I was happy with what they were doing. I love my smile and I loved the experience they gave me! And, they worked with us financially and still care. Thank you so much ;-)” Whitney

“Great experience. Appointments were easy to get o and not a long wait. Results for my daughter our beautiful. She has an even better, beautiful smile! Thank you!” Alexis

“Her teeth look great! Getting them off didn’t really hurt. Happy with how everything went.” Avery

“Great service. Close to home. Drew’s teeth are now perfect with a wonderful smile.” Christine

“My treatment was good, fast and my teeth turned out fantastic!” Eligah

“I liked the service. They explained a lot and made it more sense on what they did. Very helpful.” Traus

“My smile is so pretty now!” Tori

“Very friendly staff! Very accommodating!” Zoe

“Thumbs up!” Andres

“Great friendly staff! Help me me a lot in trying to figure out what was best for me and my teeth!” Colton

“Great crew, never had a problem with any braces and sessions went smooth. Great job by Orthodontic Specialists.” Charles

“The scheduling was very responsive and easy to change. If you have a big emergency someone would come in to fit it. Also, all of the staff was very nice and fun. I’m very happy with my teeth and I kind of miss my braces to be honest.” Sydney

“I enjoyed coming here and the time flew by especially because everyone is so nice here.” Shelby

“I love my teeth! It’s worth the two years to have a lifetime of perfect teeth!” Allie

“I love my new smile! My confidence has been boosted tremendously! The staff was wonderful! Thank you!” Valerie

“My teeth look great.” Brandan

“Good service, kind, and results were good. Happy with the way things turned out.” Jeff

“Rachel has such amazing results. The staff is incredibly patient and kind which is important for us dealing with children. So very blessed to have been recommended to their clinic.” Rachel

“I have been so pleased with the service at Ortho Specialists. Had been to another Ortho prior. Ortho Specialists let me know that bottom braces weren’t necessary. Not only did they do a GREAT job, they told me honestly what was needed not what made them the most money. I would highly recommend.” Carly

“The Orthodontic team did a spectacular job! I love my new smile! Thank you very much!” Catherine

“I like them a lot.” Parker

“Miraculous…this is the use of Newton’s Law at it’s best.” Warner

“I trust the team totally so I don’t need to be present at my son’s appointments. They did my braces also. Great results!” Carrie

“Extremely thorough and effective procedure! The Staff was very friendly and cared a lot about me. Thank you guy’s so much.” A.A.

“Thank you so much for your services! Every time I need to come in there is a warm response from the staff. Again thank you for the beautiful smile.” Iona

“I started braces late and was worried it would be shaming and painful, but everyone at O.S. made the process so much more bearable. They were always open to conversation, careful when I was scared, and a general joy to see each time I came back. It couldn’t have been anymore enjoyable of a transition even with all of the tightening.” M.S.

“I love the way my teeth look! Amazing Job.” Maggie

From Dad: “Treatments very well explained at the beginning and the staff very accommodating throughout.”
From Nicole: “Very pleased with the outcome.”

“I am so glad I chose to have Orthodontic Specialists handle my orthodontics. Treatments were gentle and the professionalism and individual touch sets them apart as the best in the south metro.” Kristy

“Great experience very happy with my results.” Emily

“The employees are very kind and helpful. The offices are neat and clean.” Megan

“Rachel had such amazing results. The staff is incredibly patient and kind which is important for us dealing with children. So very blessed to have been recommended to their clinic.” Kim

“Good service. Helped when needed. Very happy employees.” Sean

“Her teeth look fantastic and the staff is terrific.” Joelle

“I am glad I stuck with treatment. I’m so glad I did it.” Samuel

“We love our Orthodontist.” Tamara